Binder Versus Postpartum Garment

Which one is better, a binder or a postpartum maternity garment? People often use these terms loosely and interchangeably. While both are believed to have the same functions and achieve basically the same results when used, that is to provide support and faster healing for the abdominal area particularly after childbirth either a vaginal birth or caesarean birth, binder and postpartum garment are not exactly the same.

A binder is an elastic, rectangular wrap-around with Velcro straps which can be tightened or loosened. It is much like a belt, only elastic and wider. For one thing, wearing a binder, while it’s meant to alleviate pain, may, in fact, increase the discomfort. Binders may cause itchiness and skin irritation and make breathing uncomfortable if not properly used. Postpartum maternity garments, on the other hand, are more form-fitting, come in various sizes and styles, and provide wider coverage.

Many women who have just given birth use binders and postpartum garments in a bid to lose the flab around the waist, hasten to heal of the abdominal muscles and provide support. Maternity uses aside, the purpose of the binder is mainly for abdominal procedures recovery. It helps to minimize the swelling by pushing out any accumulated fluid. On the other hand, postpartum maternity garment is specially designed for women after pregnancy which can provide more support to the body compared to a binder.

A binder, even when it’s securely fastened, tends to ride up every time you move. It also tends to make unsightly wrinkles and bulges. The area coverage is also limited and it can hardly cover your lower waist especially when you have a caesarean section. A postpartum maternity garment, on the other hand, provides a more secure support around your body so you don’t have to worry about it riding up or down your torso and causing discomfort. Women who have had a C-section delivery will also benefit more from postpartum garments which are more effective in decreasing swelling. The garment provides much-needed compression over the incision. Postpartum garments are ideal for those suffering from these problems:

  • Stretched abdominal muscle
  • Abdominal separation (diastasis recti)
  • Back pain
  • Lordosis (inward curve of the spine)
  • Ligament loosen
  • Poor posture
  • Displaced organ

Design Veronique offers compression garments that have all these qualities. They have a targeted PowerNet panel support system provides 360-degree accurate support to the abdominal wall. There are 2 types of postpartum maternity garment which are for caesarean birth and vaginal birth. The ideal postpartum garment for caesarean recovery is MG81CS. The incision side has a seamless panel to reduce irritation, a thicker layer of PowerNet is layered to stabilize the position and provide accurate support to the incision site; applied pressure to the incision site to reduce scarring.

Mid Body Support with or without wireless contouring bra is ideal for recovery after vaginal birth. MG160B comes with wireless contouring bra with self-adjusting cups. You can adjust the cup to fit your breast during breast size fluctuation. It has a targeted PowerNet panel support to the abdominal and torso. It provides stability to the abdominal wall and promotes better spine realignment. It comes with adjustable hook & eye crotch closure which allows you a more convenient way to use the facilities. If you wish to have a garment without the bra, they have to more choices for you which are MG160 and MG161.

All of the Design Veronique maternity garments are made from lightweight and breathable PowerNet fabric; these garments are latex and formaldehyde free. It is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial to prevent an allergic reaction.

With all the merits considered, postpartum maternity garments are deemed to be the preferred item by medical experts. Whether your main consideration is comfort, function or style, postpartum maternity garments are not likely to disappoint.

Now, will you still prefer a binder or a post-partum maternity garment?