Getting Back Your Shape After Pregnancy

The body makes a lot of adjustments in order to cope with the extra demands that come with pregnancy. Often, these adjustments are the last things a pregnant woman would think about. The joy of bringing another being to life is almost always more than worth it. It would have been very good if the woman’s body could simply snap back into shape after the child is born. But Mother Nature apparently has other plans. The adjustments may be naturally reversed but the process is slow and often incomplete. If you are hoping to get back your smashing pre-pregnancy figure, you would definitely need to lend your body a helping hand.

Features of the MG160 Post-partum Maternity Girdle

The MG160 Post-partum Maternity Girdle is designed to recover and aid a woman’s body in the following features after a vaginal delivery birth.

Post-partum Abdominal Support
The abdomen of a pregnant woman gets bigger as the fetus grows and it doesn’t seem to snap back to its former position even after delivery. The expanded abdomen is a major cause of lower back pain and many women do not like their body image because of her apparently bigger abdomen. The MG160 is the perfect solution for enhancing your body image as it perfectly tucks the abdomen in and leaves you with nothing to worry about. Although you may still need lifestyle changes to ensure your expanded abdomen is reversed, the MG160 is definitely a bold step in the right direction. It is known to aid the reversal process while enhancing your body image.

Stretched Abdominal Support
The abdominal wall of women is stretched during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. For most women, the stretching is reversed within a few months after delivery although it may extend to a year in some cases. However, for some women, the stretching does not reverse at all and may contribute to potential health problems such as urinary incontinence and lower back pain. The MG160 post-partum girdle has been shown to quicken the reversal process of the abdomen wall after a vaginal delivery.

Recovery from Abdominal Separation
An estimated 66% of pregnant women experience abdominal separation. This condition is characterized by an expanded belly that arises as a result of a widening in the space between the muscles of the right and left belly. A woman with said condition is advised to not get pregnant before the separation is reversed and to be careful so as to avoid straining her belly. To aid in the reversal of separation, the MG160 post-partum girdle has been optimally designed to bring a woman’s right and left abdominal muscles together.

Fabric used and features
The MG160 Post-partum maternity girdle is made from a soft, cotton-knit, PowerNet fabric. The PowerNet Panel Support System is optimized to aid the return of a woman’s abdominal wall and muscle to its original shape and form after her delivery. The MG160 Post-partum girdle, made with PowerNet Panel Support System Technology, provides adequate posture support and help ease the lower back pain condition many women face after her successful delivery, especially in the first few months.

The PowerNet fabric boasts these special features

  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • Rip and Run resistant
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Latex and formaldehyde free

The journey of pregnancy and childbirth is arduous but the end result is worth it. You shouldn’t loathe yourself if you are not at peace with the numerous changes that happen to your body after childbirth. There is absolutely nothing wrong in desiring to have your perfect shape back. The MG160 post-partum maternity girdle is specially designed to help you do just that if you had a vaginal birth.