If Your Gynaecologist Gives You A Binder, Something May Be Wrong.

Every woman and mother know what a gynecologist does. They are the specialist in women’s health, especially in the female reproductive system. Whether a woman has been through a cesarean or vaginal birth, her gynecologist may have recommended her to acquire a binder for the recovery at an additional charge.

Do you actually know what a binder can do or cannot do?

A binder is an ideal support garment for a patient who has undergone abdominal procedures such as liposuction on abdomen area and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). The main purpose for a patient to wear a binder is to aid in post-surgery recovery by compression to increase the blood flow and reduce swelling.

But do you know that, a binder though you have secured and tightened it, it tends to ride up every time you move? Most importantly, a binder cannot cover your incision as low as to the lower waist. This action will alleviate your pain as it moves around your scar, resulting in discomfort rather than helping you to recover.

Imagine having gone through a cesarean delivery by either a vertical or horizontal incision. Wearing a binder may actually cause more pain than intended after the delivery. Do you really need to go through all this pain?

Another option for a binder.

Good news! There is something else that can even help you to speed up your recovery and even better, help you to get your pre-pregnancy body back. Design Veronique Maternity is a unique line specially designed for the woman’s body as she goes through motherhood transformation. Design Veronique’s post-partum garments are intended for women whom have undergone a cesarean or vaginal birth.

In the line, MG81CS is ideal for woman who had undergone a cesarean birth. This garment aids in cesarean incision healing where it covers the body from under the bust to a mid-thigh length. A seamless panel of PowerNet fabric constitutes the garment where a dual layer of fabric can be found on the garment’s front panel where a third panel layers over the lower abdominal layer. This is designed in mind to ensure the stabilization and accuracy of support to the wearer so as to assist in recovery and at the same time provide comfort and support.

On the other hand, MG160 is ideal for woman who had undergone a vaginal birth delivery. This garment constitutes an adjustable hook, under-bust stabilization band and eye crotch closure for a sense of comfort when compared to a binder.

These girdles are manufactured from a Targeted PowerNet Panel Support System that provides a 360-degree accurate support to hold the abdominal wall and torso in place. This technology features an open weave fabric that is recommended for healing, supporting and compressing areas that require attention. In addition, this fabric is lightweight, breathable, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, free of latex and formaldehyde, and rip and run resistant.

Apart from that, Design Veronique Post-partum Maternity garments are designed to support women after delivery to recover from:

Postpartum abdominal support

As a fetus grows, the abdomen of the carrying mother is consistently expanding where time is needed to return the abdomen to its original size even after delivery. With this in mind, Design Veronique postpartum girdles are designed to assist in the return of the abdomen to its original place after delivery.

Stretched abdominal muscles
Back pains, incontinence and other possible health problems can arise from the expansion of tissue in the rectus abdominal muscles, also known as the abdominal muscles. Wearing Design Veronique girdles can assist in holding up the muscles while the body focuses on recovery.

Abdominal separation
Abdominal separation may occur due to a woman’s abdominal muscles being stretched during pregnancy or delivery caused by the separation of two parallel bands of muscles in the middle region of the abdomen. This condition, also known as Diastasis Recti or Diastasis Recti Abdominis, may develop hernia, a condition where the organs push through an opening in the muscle. Wearing Design Veronique Post-partum girdle can bring the right and left muscle of the abdomen together while the body recovers.

Back pain
The postpartum girdles can help to reduce back pain caused by the weight of the baby that has caused a strain on the lower back during pregnancy.

Spinal realignment
During pregnancy, the position of the baby either lends toward left or right and may affect the spine of the carrier. The alignment of the spinal cord may be misaligned as it tends to move towards the baby’s direction to allocate for space. Design Veronique Post-partum girdles aid in spinal realignment of the body.

Posture improvement
Design Veronique Post-partum girdle aids in correcting body posture of the wearer due to distortion during pregnancy by the weight of the growing baby.

Organ repositioning
A woman’s body undergoes major changes to make space for the baby during pregnancy. Her organs may experience significant pressure from the growing fetus and shift to make more rooms for the baby. Design Veronique Post-partum girdle will assist in helping the organ repositioning.

Ligament stabilization
Ligaments are stretched as the fetus grow and become tighter and thinner which can cause round ligament pain even after delivery. Design Veronique Post-partum girdle helps to stabilize stretched ligaments.

Now, will you still prefer a binder or a post-partum maternity girdle?