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Advancements in technology have allowed great innovations in the cosmetic industry which provides opportunities for us to make physical changes and achieve the look that we desire. Semi-permanent makeup is one of these advancements that is changing the landscape of the cosmetic industry in Singapore.

Semi-permanent makeup Singapore

Not all tattoos are for artistic expression or sentimental figures, as some are made to highlight a person’s beauty and allure. Semi-permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing or paramedical pigmentation, is the application of specialized pigments on the papillary layer of the dermis. It basically applies the same principles of tattooing but as a makeup instead.

The buzz on semi-permanent makeup grew with the success of wide success of eyebrow microblading, or the use of semi-permanent makeup to make fuller, natural-looking eyebrows. Since then, cosmetic tattooing has grown to accommodate various parts of the face such as the lips, eyeliner, eyelashes, and even the hairline.

Many women (and some men as well) opt for semi-permanent makeup as it saves them the time they would normally use to put makeup on and wash it off at the end of the day. Aside from the convenience, semi-permanent makeup also helps people with skin allergies to topical makeup.

Although the process is still considered as a form of tattooing, “semi”-permanent makeup is called as such, because the color does fade in time, allowing people to alter the color and or shape between 12 to 18 months. This is considered a plus because it eliminates the hassle of putting on regular makeup, but still allows clients to make changes in the long run.

This process of cosmetic tattooing is not only applied for aesthetics but is also done for various paramedical treatments such as scar camouflage, cleft palate restoration, 3-D areola/nipple reconstruction, micro-hair stimulation, and vitiligo repigmentation.

Although there are many cosmetic studios that offer semi-permanent makeup with a various array of pigments, choosing the right pigment is necessary to make sure that the quality is good, and most importantly, it should be safe for you.

Semi-permanent makeup pigment in Singapore: Swiss Color

semi permanent makeup singapore

Products from Switzerland normally come with the connotation that it is “premium” and “high-quality.” This is true for swiss cheese, swiss watches, and is also the same for semi-permanent makeup pigment.

Swiss Color is a Switzerland based company that provides premium semi-permanent makeup pigments, as well as medical devices and accessories in paramedical micro-pigmentation. Swiss Color pigments are made on the foundation of years of research and innovation in the pigmentation industry in Switzerland. One of the main factors that separate Swiss Color pigments from their competitors is the commitment towards producing pigments that are safe and are free of heavy metals.

At the beginning of the semi-permanent makeup industry, one of the main issues faced was the presence of iron oxide in pigments, which led to unwanted tones of pink, green and blue due to chemical reactions with the skin. Swiss Color prioritizes the safety of its clients by producing pigments that are free of iron oxide and other heavy metals.

Swiss Color values innovation and continuously improves its line of pigments to have better quality and color that not only leads to better end results, but also makes the process easier for paramedical makeup artists. The company has developed 5 different pigment lines for different applications.

Swiss Color pigments are designed to have a grain that is 2 microns in particle size, the optimum size for good quality pigments that allows for high pigment density, better color and maximum pigment accumulation in the skin that lasts longer than other pigment brands. The blending component of the pigments also has a low surface tension, making the quality finer and the operation faster with less damage to the skin.

Currently, Swiss Color is available in 54 countries which include Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Swiss Color Singapore is the headquarters for Asian region. The company does not only produces high-quality pigments, but it also provides tools and accessories in the paramedical makeup industry, as well as providing training for aspiring PMU artists.

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