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About Allurion Balloon

Allurion Balloon is the least invasive swallowable weight loss balloon in the market, it doesn’t require any form of surgery, anaesthesia nor endoscopy. It’s a swallowable capsule which will be inflated with 550ml of fluids through the catheter to inflate the balloon after it is swallowed. It will reduce the intragastric volume and this will result in lowering the overall food intake for the patient. This will help curb the appetite of the patient.

How Does Allurion Balloon Work?

Allurion Balloon doesn’t require any form of surgery, endoscopy or anaesthesia. X-Ray is required to make sure that the capsule is in the right position.

The whole process takes only 20-minutes. The patient will swallow a capsule that contains the deflated balloon, and the capsule will be attached to a thin tube (catheter).

Once swallowed, the doctor will be using the catheter to fill up the balloon with a fluids and you will have a second X-Ray to confirm that the balloon is filled properly. Once confirmed, the doctor will remove the tube gently.

After 16 weeks, a time-activated valve will open in the balloon, this will allow the fluids to escape and the balloon to empty and pass naturally through your digestive system.


Why Choose Allurion Balloon?

Allurion Balloon is proven to be effective in weight loss. The average weight loss with 2 sequential Allurion Balloon was 22KG or 22.6% of the total body weight of the patients. The maximum weight loss achieved was 48KG or 40.9% body weight loss in a period of 12 months.

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