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About Motiva Implants

For its natural look and feel, movement and comfort in normal lifestyle situations, confident, fearless women, choose Motiva®.

For MOTIVA Implants®, patients’ satisfaction and security have been the pivotal axis of our work. Safety through innovation is one of our mottos and we are deeply committed to fulfilling your needs on the process of breast augmentation surgery and on guiding you through this very intimate journey.


MOTIVA® Implants utilizes ultra-high purity medical-grade silicone, is subject to the strictest quality assurance testing throughout the manufacturing process, and are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide.

What Is Motiva Ergonomix™ Implants?

Motiva’s Ergonomix® was created and designed to safely inspire the unique beauty that every woman possesses. With its unique feature in its gel properties, Ergonomix® allow Minimal Scar Breast Augmentation, a less traumatic surgery with no gel fracture, and a minimal scar of up to 2cms.

Why Ergonomix®?

  • Doctors’ main concern and frustration, was the rippling effect of the round type breast implants, and rotation of the anatomically designed implants. The patient’s concern, on the other hand, was mainly concentrated on the texture and the shape of the breast after the breast implant surgery.
  • Motiva Ergonomix™ provides a more natural look and feel, regardless of the position, mirroring the movement of natural breast tissue by the gravity.
  • With Ergonomix® Implants, you get the look, feel and movement of a natural breast. It maintains its softness over time and has proven its efficacy after years in the market.
  • Ergonomix®, with the state of the art ProgessiveGel Ultima™, allows for an easier and less traumatic insertion and helps you get faster recovery.
  • The patented technology of Ergonomix® allows Minimal Scar Breast Augmentation without impairing the mechanical properties of the implants under stress circumstances.
  • The TrueMonobloc® Shell Configuration creates a uniform shell tensile strength with a performance that exceeds all regulatory standards when tested.
  •  ProgressiveGel Ultima™ Silicone Gel prevents gel fracture and mimics the look and feel of natural breasts.
  • Motiva Ergonomix™ are 100% filled implants that give the natural look of traditional “anatomical” implants, without the complications associated with rotation and implant  hardness.
  • The SilkSurface™ (NanoSurface™) with Motiva 3D Inversion™ technology allows to create a uniform shell surface with no foreign materials.

Q Inside Safety Technology™, with RFID transponder for the use in human placed in Motiva Implants™ allows verification of the implants in patients’ body in preventing another adverse event.

Motiva Implants Singapore Q Inside Safety Technology

Motiva Hybrid- Safety through innovation

  • MotivaHybrid is a safe way to create a tailored breast augmentation that delivers a natural, predictable outcome by using your own fat cells and a breast implant that’s state of the art on the market.
  • It has proven to deliver, whether you’re looking to create better cleavage, more fullness in the upper breast or just have the most natural result possible.
  • Not all products are created equal and with Motiva’s best-in-class technology, MotivaHybrid can now safely address challenges that a traditional breast augmentation cannot overcome.
  • It is commonly known that smaller breast implants are associated with less complications and achieve a sustainable result. MotivaHybrid utilizes smaller breast implants and offers a customized result while removing fat from where you don’t want it, and placing it where you do.

MotivaHybrid™ is ideal for patients that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Would like a narrower cleavage gap or desire a ‘cleavage boost’
  • Have breasts with significant asymmetry
  • Are looking to reduce the size of your breasts or have a lift, but do not want a deflated look in the upper part of your breasts after surgery
  • Are thin, want to go up several cup sizes, but do not want to see the implant’s imperfections or for your breasts to look or feel unnatural
  • Are having a secondary breast augmentation due to contour irregularities or are looking to get larger implants which may be susceptible to complications
  • Desire a trimmer overall physique in addition to larger breasts