What is Black & Black Surgical, Inc.

Black and Black Surgical, Inc. intends to innovatively restore the quality of instruments for the plastic surgery market. Started in 2007 by the brothers Norman and Bill Black with Mike Lacey, they continuously work closely with famous and well-trained surgeons like Tebbett, Gorney, Ramirez, Daniels and Aston, to develop superior, procedure-specific instrumentation and equipment at an affordable price. 

As Black and Black Surgical, Inc. values precise results for patients, they provide quality instruments and superior services to plastic surgeons. Even if a surgeon is just starting his endeavor to improve his techniques, B&B guarantees their products to meet the specific surgical needs. Furthermore, Black and Black Surgical, Inc. creates a complete line of microsurgical instruments including forceps, scissors, needle holders and vessel dilators. 

Black & Black Surgical for Plastic Surgery Needs

Carrying the ultimate goal of serving the surgeons who value results and improve instrumentation with close partnership, Black & Black Surgical, Inc., brings innovation into the surgery world. It serves as a sounding board for surgeons so that their expectations and needs are met as well as their patients’ aesthetic desires. 

As Black & Black markets a vast array of surgical instruments, quality and durability of the instruments are absolutely guaranteed. The demand of medical instruments, plastic surgery instruments as well as the other surgical equipment like surgical forceps, curette, surgical scissors, needle holder, cannulas and many more rises, B&B inserts their unique and patented surgical instruments for innovative and superior service which includes: 

  • Black Diamond™ Rasps
  • Supercut Scissors
  • Proprietary Onyx™ line with Micro-Onyx™ jaws
  • Tebbetts™ Monopolar Forceps
  • Tebbetts™ Fiber-Optic Retractors
  • Tebbetts™ Osteotomes
  • Gruber Rhinoplasty Retractors
  • D’Assumpcao Facelift Markers
  • Caplan Nasal Shears
  • Olsen-Hegar and Olsen-Webster needle-holder scissor combinations
  • Cinelli Osteotomes
  • Foster Gillies
  • Silver Osteotomes
  • Guyeron Punch

B&B also offers procedure sets with the likes of Aston FaceLift Procedure Set, Cox Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy Set, Daniel Endoscopic Forehead Set, Endoplastic Camera System, Gorney Facelift Set, Gruber Rhinoplasty Set, Tebbetts™ Rhinoplasty Set. Further, the company also has a Vitruvian™ Lipoplasty Line that includes Cannulas and Lipo instruments and Vitruvian™ Infiltration pump. 

Black Diamond™ Rasps

This is a patented blend of tungsten carbide with instruments having an extremely hardened cutting surface. It uses an ultimately hard, durable, medical grade carbide alloy that is non-magnetic and non-carcinogenic. Due to its unique manufacturing process, these instruments maintain their sharpness longer than standard instruments which leads to cost-efficiency. Beside that, it not only delivers an unsurpassed clean and precise cut but also translates into reduced patient trauma.

These instruments also create superior comfort in handling and enhanced mobility in performance. With the select Black Diamond™ Rasps materials blend, it allows a more thorough and less potentially damaging sterilization, this is non-magnetic with lower porosity. Most especially, Black & Black offers a two-year warranty on the sharpness of their rasps and a one-year warranty on their osteotomes.

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(Courtesy of Black and Black Surgical, inc.)