In making the right decision on what Breast prosthetics to choose, there are many aesthetic features, conditions and things to consider especially for women. In regards to this, MotivaImagine® is a strategic partnership devoted to offer women worldwide the opportunity to check out endless possibilities at a local MotivaImagine Center®. Currently, there is only 1 MotivaImagine Center® available in Singapore, located at Orchard Paragon.

MotivaImagine® consists of:

• Divina® 3D Simulation Technology

Divina 3D Simulation Technology

Divina® lets you capture the patient`s body as a set of 3D data, incorporating anatomical measures as well as photo-realistic precision. This technique uses the physical characteristics of the patient to accurately illustrate the post-operative 3D images of her body in an exclusive way. With the Divina® involvement, a routine consultation for breast augmentation surgery becomes unprecedented, and the results are very close representation to reality of how the patient will look after surgery. With this kind of technology, you will be able to:

  • Choose the appropriate implant, by determining the pre-existing volume and the shape of the thorax
  • Select and simulate the collocation of the implants, to show your patient how they would look on their body

• MotivaImagine® External sizing kit

MotivaImagine External sizing kit

It comes with:

  • 16 external sizers (two both sides), external sizers which has 8 sizes
  • 4 bra sizes (S-M-L-XL)
  • 1 external sizer matrix

• MotivaImagine® Insertion Sleeve

MotivaImagine Insertion Sleeve
  • An inventive medical tool created to make the insertion of silicone gel breast implants smooth and intact in smaller incisions
  • It allows the insertion of selected implants through an incision as small as 2.5 cm with less trauma

• Puregraft

(50cc, 250cc, 850cc system, Puregraft direct harvest system only compatible with 850cc system)

MotivaImagine PureGraft
  • Closed-system design for safer, sterile processing
  • 64% of fat grafters using unstandardized techniques admit that poor retention is their biggest challenge. Puregraft processed fat has a clinically proven retention of 73% at 1 year, regardless of graft volume
  • It keeps the tissue contained within a closed-system to maintain the highest standards of sterility
  • It is the only system that has been clinically approve in humans to improve long-term graft retention
  • Puregraft removes more than 97% of lipid and blood within the graft. Standard techniques contain more than 10x as many contaminants.

• Motiva Q Inside™ Reader

MotivaImagine Q Inside Reader

Q-inside™ Safety Technology an FDA cleared technology that provides patients with an electronic serial number within their body for complete control and verification of the breast implants. To be able to ensure the extended safety and well-being for the patient with precise data in the unlikely event of a recall or an adverse event.

After the surgery, the patient can return to their surgeon to have her breast implant’s electronic serial number verified and registered via Motiva Q Inside™ Handheld Reader. The 15-digit number delivered to the patient involves a secure online database that can be accessed on the internet exclusively by the surgeon and the patient only.

• Motiva Ergonomix® Sample ProgressiveGel™ Ultima®

Motiva Ergonomix Sample ProgressiveGel Ultima

• MotivaImagine® Bulb-Cannula Kit

MotivaImagine Bulb-Cannula Kit

Patented System for safe harvesting and fat grafting in breast surgery.  MotivaImagine® Bulb-cannula Kit has been designed and tested to protect breast implant during fat grafting procedures. The Bulb-Cannula Kit is part of the MotivaHybrid® concept- a single-use set with premium quality fat transfer instruments.

• MotivaImagine® Ultralight LED Retractor

Precise state-of-the-art tool which makes it easier to perform breast augmentation procedures through smaller incisions.

  • Single-use cordless retractor with an integrated LED light source
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • No cords or cables
  • Smoke evacuation channel
  • No heat
  • Designed with ruler markings for intraoperative pocket sizing