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Joy by Motiva Singapore

JOY® by Motiva®

JOY® by Motiva® is designed to be an all-in-one program that provides holistic and digitalized support at every step through the breast augmentation journey. From designing desired looks to post-op care and everything in between including Always Confident Warranty® and Woman’s Choice Program®.
Using modern technologies, Ergonomix2® has enhanced its features and ergonomics of an implant that provides you with an organic look, feel and movement.
Highly trained surgeons, who are part of the JOY® program, will use specialised techniques like Motiva MinimalScar® to optimise outcomes and reduce complications. An exclusive Motiva Bra will be made available for JOY® patients for their postoperative medical use garment.

Woman’s Choice Program

More power of choice and freedom of reversal is given to the patient through the new Motiva Woman’s Choice Program®.

Motiva® believes women have the right to change their mind, this program means: If they choose to, all women with JOY® will have the option to reverse their augmentation with their Ergonomix2® implants, no matter the reason, they will receive financial aid for the procedure.

Motiva Warranty Program®

Safety and peace of mind are the main priorities which is why the best-in-class warranty is automatically included when Motiva JOY® is selected, to support the rare complication cases that arise after breast augmentation.

– Always Confident Warranty® against rupture of Motiva implants®

– Product Replacement Policy against capsular contracture, Baker grades III and IV for a period of 10 years

– Motiva Extended Warranty (automatically includes with Motiva JOY®) 5 Years Extended Warranty for Motiva Implants® with Q inside®

This extended warranty program covers the actual procedure cost in the rare event of a capsular contracture or rupture of up to $2,500* USD.


*Subjected to case-by-case basis

Joy by motiva singapore
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Ergonomix2 Motiva Implants Singapore

More Adaptable • Softer Touch • Designed to feel like you

More Adaptable
Softer Touch
Designed to feel like you

Ergonomix2 MOTIVA SUPERSILICONES singapore


New formula for enhanced ergonomy and feel with improved mechanical properties of tested commercially available implants.

Ergonomix2 BLUSEAL+ singapore


The blue implant” The only device of its kind with a visual safety barrier, achieving the lowest level of gel diffusion of tested commercially available implants.

Ergonomix2 TRUEMONOBLOC+ singapore


A proprietary multi-layer system unifying the implant’s structure and allowing it to bend and squeeze with Motiva MinimalScar®.

Ergonomix2 SMOOTHSILK® /SILKSURFACE® singapore


A controlled advanced smooth surface that improves biocompatibility.

Ergonomix2 PROGRESSIVEGEL ULTIMA singapore


A gel with a unique set of rheological properties that provides a better adaptation to change than other silicone gels tested, resembling the movement of natural tissue.

ergonomix2 QID singapore

Qid Safety Technology® (QID)

All the information required about the implants are kept safely through a battery-free and passive radio frequency identification device.

Motiva MinimalScar®

With JOY® by Motiva®, Motiva MinimalScar® allows patients to experience minimal-incision breast augmentation that achieves the smallest possible incisions using Motiva Sleeve that allows quicker procedure and faster recovery.

This technique is only available with experienced surgeons that are specially trained with innovative surgical tools. For all JOY® patients, an exclusive Motiva Bra, a postoperative Ipomia Bra line that is a fashionable medical bra, will be provided.