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Endoneedle Neo

Endoneedle Neo

The manufacturer of medical devices, Cosmic ME Co, has developed a medical needle called “Endoneedle Neo (laparoscopic percutaneous peritoneal hernia closure needle)” targeted for endoscopic surgeries when performed on patients with inguinal hernia regardless of age. This is to replace traditional and conventional laparotomy surgeries where it will be beneficial for patients to have zero scars and it reduces the physical burden on them.

“Endoneedle Neo” is designed such that it comprises of needles with different roles ranging from puncture needle, thread feed needle and thread recovery needle. The purpose of this medical instrument/ medical needle is to improve the surgical procedure for this particular symptom called inguinal hernia. This symptom develops when the intestine falls due to the opening of the “Hernia gate” that failed to closed in the past. Closing the gate is necessary but is poses a challenge for the surgeons performing the procedure. Using the conventional method, the thread interferes with the insertion of the needle while suturing the hernia gate by the insertion of the needle with the yam that is attached to the affected part.
Endoneedle eliminates this problem by the addition of thread in the needle which smoothens the insertion of the needle into the affected region through the connections of the puncture needle, thread feeding needle, and thread recovery needle for this procedure.


Endoneedle Neo Puncture Needle

Puncture Needle

16G x 70mm

[ Features ]
Thrust resistance is reduced by sharp cutting-edge with minimal tissue damage, as well as the risk of miss-puncturing of surrounding organs. Needle holder is designed for handling of the needle in the grip and it improves the stitch operability.

Endoneedle Neo Suture Sender and plug

Suture Sender and Plug

18G x 83.5mm

The plug fastens the suture that is accommodated in the the needle.

[ Features ]
Plug is easily detachable with one hand when loosening the suture.

Endoneedle Neo Suture Retriever

Suture Retriever

22G x 93.5mm

Setting up of the suture retriever to suture sender to be the wire-loop out of the tip of suture sender, the passing of the suture end through the loop results in getting the suture being caught between the loop and needle tip by pulling back the suture retriever.

Endoneedle Neo Assembly


The above three needles can be assembled together which acts as a 3-stage rocket. By pushing each part forward sequentially, this enables the suture to be carried forward in the barrel of the puncture needle.