Important Things to Know About Post-Partum Maternity Wear

Pregnancy and childbirth bring a lot of anatomical and physiological changes to the body. The body has a way of naturally reversing the physiological changes and, to an extent, changes in physical appearance would also be corrected post childbirth. However, this may take some time and there are some changes that the body would need help with if you are to go back to your pre-pregnancy self. Specialized maternity wears known as post-partum girdles are a great option when trying to get back into shape.

It is imperative to note that post-partum maternity girdles will not provide immediate result within a month of usage. The girdles are designed to fast-track the process but you still need all the exercise and recommended lifestyle modifications to get your body back quickly. Hence, one should consecutively put on the girdles for effectiveness.

Mother and infant baby

Benefits of Design Veronique post-partum maternity girdles

  • Caesarean incision healing: the seamless panel present in MG81CS ensures there is little or no irritation of incision site whenever you put on the garment. The garment also has an extra layer of the fabric in the anterior abdominal region to compress the incision site and aid healing. Furthermore, the antimicrobial protection the garment offers prevents infection of the incision wound and promotes wound healing.
  • Back pain: the maternity girdles can help reduce the back pain that may arise from post-partum stretching or abdominal expansion. Carrying the baby in the front of the body could also put a strain on the lower back and the Design Veronique post-partum maternity girdles help reduce this.
  • Spinal realignment: the weight of the fetus could affect the spine during pregnancy. Often, pregnant women tend to lean left or right depending on the position of the baby during pregnancy. A good maternity girdles would aid spinal realignment post-delivery.
  • Posture improvement: the body posture of pregnant women changes greatly in order to support the added weight. Many mothers find it difficult to maintain a good posture after delivery. This could lead to chronic back pain amongst other long-term health effects if not corrected quickly. Maternity girdles help balance the anterior and posterior abdominal regions and makes it easy for women to maintain a good posture after childbirth.
  • Organ repositioning: some internal organs in women might shift to accommodate the expansion of the uterus during pregnancy. Sometimes, these organs need external aid to revert back to their normal position. Design Veronique girdles are ideal for this.
  • Ligament stabilization: post-partum maternity girdles also help to stabilize stretched ligaments in women post-delivery.

You may refer to the style collection of girdles available from Design Veronique below.

1. Style MG160B

This post-partum maternity girdle is designed to provide support to the abdominal region as well as the breast for women who had a vaginal birth. The upper part of the girdle consists of self-adjusting cups that adjust to breast size fluctuations. There is a novel wireless design that supports the breast as a wire would but it is made out of a totally different, more comfortable material. The PowerNet fabric provides maximum support to the anterior and posterior regions of the abdomen. The lower part consists of an adjustable hook and eye crotch closure that allows women to freely use the facilities without having to put off the girdle.

2. Style MG160

The MG160 is ideal for recovery after a vaginal birth. This girdle is basically has the same design as MG160B above but the self-adjusting cups are conspicuously absent. Instead, there is an underbust stabilizing band that keeps the garment in the proper position for easy nursing and comfortable fit. All the other features mirror the MG160B.

3. Style MG161

This is yet another girdle that is designed to aid the recovery of women who had a vaginal birth. It has the same basic design as the MG160 as they both feature the same PowerNet support system that provides maximum support for the anterior and posterior abdominal regions. This fabric is designed to aid the retraction of the abdominal muscles as well as spinal realignment. Additionally, the MG161 features a cotton-lined crotch that stabilizes absorbent pads or dressings. The fabric further extends to the mid-thigh to offer extended comfort.

4. Style MG81CS

A specially designed maternity girdle that is perfectly optimized to aid recovery after Caesarean birth. The front panel is double layered and the extra thickness affords gentle, accurate support to the incised portions. The panel at the incision site is seamless in order to minimize irritation. There is a third panel layered over the lower abdominal area to stabilize the position of the maternity girdle and prevent abrasion of the Caesarean incision. The girdle also comes with a side zipper and not a hook as the zipper provides more comfortable application. The choice of fabric is carefully selected to minimize the risk of allergies and the girdle also offers antimicrobial protection. This is indeed the perfect blend of comfort, functionality and aesthetics.

The fabric

Design Veronique post-partum girdles are made from PowerNet fabric. The PowerNet Panel Support System is specially optimized to enhance the return of the abdominal wall and muscle to its original shape and form. The PowerNet Panel Support System highlights a fabric that is Lightweight and Breathable, Hypoallergenic and Antimicrobial, Latex and Formaldehyde free, Rip and Run Resistant.

The thickness of the fabric

One of the unique features of the Design Veronique post-partum maternity girdles is the thickness of the fabric. Some portions are deliberately designed to be thicker than others because they focus on healing different parts of the body. The MG81CS has three different layers of thickness. The posterior portion only consist of one layer of fabric while the area that covers the incision site has two layers of PowerNet fabric. This guarantees extra protection for the incision site. There is even a third layer around the lower abdominal area to provide stability and even better protection. Even with the varying thickness levels, you can still be sure that the girdles are comfortable and they are never conspicuous when worn as undergarments.