Breast augmentation still remains to be one of the top cosmetic surgical procedures in the world, especially in Singapore, and the industry continues to grow as new innovations in breast implant technology arise. However, did you know that there are other ways to enhance the breasts without implants? In fact, you can even use the stored fat within your own body, in a process called Fat Grafting.

What is fat grafting (fat transfer)?

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Though it sounds like a miracle procedure, fat grafting is a real thing. The process involves transferring fat cells from one part of the body to another. Through fat grafting, a patient can basically get 2 things done, mainly removing fat from an unwanted area of the body (liposuction), and placing it in a different area where they would like more volume (lipoimplantation).

Of course, the process is not as simple as taking fat and placing it somewhere else. Subcutaneous fat, or fat below our skin is extracted from one or more areas of the body, through the use of a specialized device, then processed to get the exact fat cell population needed for grafting. The fat cells are then deposited in tiny amounts through multiple puncture points in the region or regions of choice.

The subcutaneous fat is primarily harvested either from the thigh or belly area. After extraction and processing, the collected fat can then be applied to the face to reduce creases and lines to give the patient a more youthful look, the hands in order to lessen wrinkles and make them more smooth and youthful, the buttocks to make it more round and give it a contoured shape, and the breasts to slightly increase the volume and improve the overall shape of the breasts.

Although the use of breast implants is still more common than fat grafting when it comes to breast augmentation, both operations have their own attributes, and it is vital that you learn about both options when deciding to undergo breast augmentation, to know which process better suits your needs and will give you the most satisfaction.

Advantages of fat transfer over breast implants

Improve overall shape
Because fat grafting involves removing fat in a particular area of the body and placing it in another, the process improves the overall shape and sellout of the body, decreasing volume where it is unwanted and increasing volume where it is desired.

No implant-based risks
All risks associated with breast implants such as implant rupture, rippling, capsular contracture etc, are all avoided through fat grafting, because there are no implants involved.

Better control over volume
With fat grafting, both the doctor and patient have more control over the volume, as they may choose the volume of fat to be applied in the desired area, unlike breast implants where the size of the breasts would depend upon the size of the implants available.

Natural Aging
As time goes by, breast implants may be more noticeable as the body ages. With fat grafting, because the volume comes from the patient’s own natural fat cells, the breasts maintain a more natural look as the body ages. Fat grafting also requires less maintenance as opposed to breast implants.

Less risk of allergies
Because fat grafting makes use of the body’s own natural fat cells, there is less risk of developing allergic reactions.

No scars
The fat extraction and injection process leaves no trace of scars, as opposed to breast implants, which require an incision.

Although fat grafting has its advantages over breast implants, like all operations, the process does come along with its own risks and disadvantages.

Disadvantages of fat transfer

One thing to look out for is the risk of calcification, or the development of calcium salts in the breast, as it may interfere with breast cancer screening.

Limited Volume
Although you have better control over the volume increase in regards to fat grafting, you can not go as large as you can as opposed to breast implants. The increase of breast size would also depend upon the amount of fat cells the patient has.

May take more procedures
You may need at least 2 procedures, or even 3, depending on the volume you wish to increase, as fat grafting is a more delicate process, as opposed to breast implants which takes just one procedure.

Risk of Irregularities
If you plan to undergo fat grafting, it is vital that you choose a surgeon that is well-experienced, as there may be a risk of having lumps, nodules, indentions and other irregularities in the area where fat is harvested, if done by someone with inadequate experience.

Along with choosing a reputable surgeon, it is also imperative that you choose a surgeon that makes use of the best devices available for fat grafting, to ensure your own safety and satisfaction. Devices such as Puregraft, a fat purifying device that makes the process of fat grafting safer and more reliable.

Puregraft fat grafting system

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The most notable aspect of Purgraft is that the technology has undergone 10 years of tests and trials, ensuring that the device is not only safe, but is also capable of providing astonishing results. Puregraft is capable of filtering the collected fat by up to 97%, removing contaminants such as lipids, blood, and other fluids. This process drastically lowers the risk of having complications and maximizes the amount of fat collected.

Through the Puregraft filtration process, surgeons are able to ensure that fat tissue purity is maintained, creating viable fat cells and lengthening the fat graft retention rate. This does not only reduce the risk of complications, but also improves the overall quality of the operation as the breasts will better retain its size and shape even as time goes by. The Puregraft bag is also capable of withholding 30ml to 850ml of fat, better-allowing patients to achieve their desired results.

Puregraft technology is built under three core principles they call the 3S:


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Puregraft has a closed-system design, that purifies fat tissue in a gentle manner to preserve the regenerative properties of fat. Re-sterilization is not a concern anymore with the Puregraft bag, as it will be disposed of after use.


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Puregraft has been proven to remove 97% of contaminants, as compared to the traditional methods. The decreased level of contaminants translates to increased retention rates. The fat that has been purified with Puregraft has been proven to contain significantly less lipid content, lesser white blood cells, and lesser red blood cells. Thus, producing a 97% cleaner graft.


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Puregraft gives surgeons a simple 4 step plan to follow:
1. Add lipoaspirate
2. Wash with lactated ringers
3. Drain free lipids and other contaminants
4. Remove graft for volumizing and contouring

This process enables easy and quick graft preparation, thus saving more time and requires less staff.

Whatever breast augmentation process you choose, whether it be breast implants or fat grafting, always be sure to choose a reputable surgeon with sufficient knowledge and expertise, that also makes use of safe and proven technology, to ensure your utmost safety and satisfaction.

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