Breast enhancement Singapore

Breast enhancement is becoming one of the most popular plastic surgeries, especially among Singaporeans. In 2018, breast enhancement in Singapore was one of the top 6 plastic surgery procedures. If you have thought of or already preparing to undergo breast enhancement, you have probably thought about key parts of your procedure such as the right surgeon and clinic and the type of procedure. For breast enhancement, you have the option of doing it through fat grafting or with breast implant in Singapore.

Breast Implant Singapore

If you opt for breast implants, there are several factors you need to take into consideration. There are many brands of breast implant in Singapore, but once you have informed yourself about the important aspects of your surgery, it would not be hard to find a quality breast implant for you.

Breast implant sizes

One of the most important characteristics that you need to think about is size. Breast implants are measured in cc, usually from 200cc to 600cc. The right breast implant size depends on the patient’s anatomy and their desired result. It is important to communicate with your doctor to find the size of implants that will produce a natural result according to your body type.

Breast implant shapes

breast implant shapes singapore

Breast implants come in various shapes and sizes. The shape of the breast implant you choose will affect the final result of the surgery. There are three implant shapes you can choose from, round, teardrop, and Motiva Ergonomix®.

Round breast implant

The round breast implant is the most common shape that is used for breast enhancement. It has a symmetrical round shape that does not cause the malformation in the case of implant rotation. The common misconception about this type of breast implants is that they look unnatural because of its shape. However, round implants can take on the natural breast shape, depending on the technique of how the implant is placed during surgery.

Teardrop breast implant

Teardrop breast implant, also called anatomical breast implant, mimics the shape of a natural breast. It has an asymmetric shape that is thinner in the upper area and has a fuller base. It is commonly used in breast reconstruction, for those who have undergone a mastectomy or breast removal surgery. However, in recent years, other women have also opted for teardrop implants for their breast enhancement surgery.

Motiva Ergonomix®

The third implant shape, known as Motiva Ergonomix®, has been available in Singapore since 2016. It is the 6th generation of breast implant. The silicone gel in this implant has the ideal balance of the following characteristics:

  • viscosity (how it flows along with movement);
  • cohesivity (how well the gel stays intact without breaking up);
  • elasticity (how well is returns to its original state after being stretched); and
  • viscoelasticity (how flexible and adaptable it is)

This combination of physical characteristics allows the Ergonomix® implant to change and adapt its shape. It looks like a round implant when lying down, and it looks like an anatomical implant when standing up. It is also the softest and most natural looking implant with the most natural movements. In addition, there is no issue of implant rotation as the base of the Motiva Ergonomix® is round and will not cause breast shape distortion no matter what orientation it is in and how much it is rotated.

Types of breast implant

Breast implants are either filled with silicone gel or saline (saltwater solution). The choice of implant type can affect the look and feel of the breasts after the procedure.

Saline implant

Saline breast implants are filled with sterilized saltwater. During the operation, a silicone shell is inserted in the breast area and then it is filled with the saline solution according to the desired volume. They are less expensive than other implant types and requires a smaller incision during the operation. However, when placed underneath very thin skin, saline implants can cause rippling or ‘wrinkling’ in the area because of the water-like consistency of the solution that fills it.

Silicone implant

Silicone gel has a thicker consistency than saline solutions, which results in a fully filled breast implant. Compared to saline implants, silicone implants create a more natural look and feel of the breast. The latest generation of silicone implants has a thicker outer shell, which lessens the risk of implant rupture once it is placed inside the body.

Breast implant profiles

One of the most overlooked factors in choosing the right breast implant is its profile. Profile pertains to the implant’s forward projection from the chest when standing. Implants can be the same size but have different levels of projection. A smaller base width will provide greater projection to the implant. Some of the available profiles of breast implant in Singapore include low profile, moderate profile, moderate plus profile, high profile, and ultra-high profile.

Low profile implant

Implants with a low profile have a relatively flat appearance but provide more cleavage than higher projections. It is an ideal choice for women with a wider chest frame. It does not project far from the body so it can be a perfect choice for women who wants fullness in their breasts.

Moderate profile implant

Moderate profile implants usually produce the most natural-looking results. This type of implant is perfect if you want to achieve fullness but not a round breast shape. This is an ideal choice for women with a smaller or narrower chest frame.

Moderate plus profile implant

Moderate plus implants are a compromise between the moderate and high profile breast implants. It has a bit more projection than the moderate profile, providing a good balance between cleavage and volume. It is recommended for women with a medium-sized frame.

High profile implant

High profile breast implants have an extremely narrow base that provides maximum projection, which results in a full and round breast shape. This profile creates a natural silhouette for petite women who have a narrow chest frame.

Ultra-high profile implant

Ultra-high implants provide the greatest amount of projection among breast implant profiles. It is recommended for women with a narrow chest frame that desires a considerable increase in breast size.

Breast implant surfaces

Breast implant’s outer shell also comes with two different surfaces, textured and smooth.

Textured implant

Textured implants have a rough outer shell, similar to the texture of sandpaper. It also has a thicker shell, which results in a firmer feel. The rough outer shell adheres to the breast tissue and lowers the risk of rotation and capsular contraction. However, textured implants are more prone to catch bacteria that may cause Breast Implant Associated Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), a type of lymphoma that can develop around breast implants.

Smooth implant

Smooth breast implant’s shell is not as thick as those of textured implants, which makes it feel softer. This type moves around within the breast implant pocket, which mimics the movement of natural breasts. It also has a lower risk of attracting bacteria that causes BIA-ALCL.

SmoothSilk® / SilkSurface®

breast implant surface singapore

Motiva Breast Implant® has an extremely finely textured surface known as the SmoothSilk® / SilkSurface®. This texturing is so fine that it is measured in nanometers and officially classified as a smooth surface. According to scientific studies, exceedingly fine texturing of the implant shell results in the body’s tissues reacting favourably to the presence of the implant. The body does not produce much inflammation in response to the implant and consequently, the capsule of scar tissue formed around the implant is thin and soft, resulting in a very low risk of capsular contracture. In addition, there have been no cases of seromas or ALCL associated with Motiva Breast Implant®.

Breast implant placement

breast implant placement singapore

One of the most important factors you need to talk about with your doctor is the placement of the breast implant. There are three places where the implant can be put to increase the breast size: subglandular, subpectoral/submuscular, and dual plane.


This placement puts the implant behind the mammary gland and in front of the muscle. It has the least complicated surgery and shortest recovery time, yet it has the most direct results, slightly elevating the nipple and areola without a lift. It does not distort the muscle, lessening the implant’s movement when there is a contraction of the pectoral muscles. This placement if ideal for athletic women they can use their chest muscles without it interfering with the look of the implants. However, this placement tends to make the implant more visible and possible “rippling” can be seen through the skin. It also has a higher possibility of capsular contraction.


Here, the breast implant is completely covered by the chest muscle. It is placed behind the pectoralis major muscle and all of the supporting fascia (connective tissue) and non-pectoral muscle groups.

This technique suits most women because it does not require a lot of breast tissue. A Subpectoral placement requires more tissue padding, so implants are less visible. The padded tissue and chest muscle support the weight of the breast, so there’s less risk of sagging than with other methods. Also, it enhances their silhouettes naturally.

It is best for mammograms because it is placed behind the area that needs to be examined. This placement is usually used in breast reconstruction surgeries, for women who have undergone a mastectomy or breast removal surgery. On the other hand, it may not suit women who exercise a lot because flexing the muscles may distort the implant. Also, the surgery is more invasive, requires a longer recovery time than other placements, and involves more pain. It’s not advisable for you if you have soft or sagging breast skin, which may hang over the implant.

Dual Plane

Dual Plane uses both the subglandular and submuscular techniques. The implant is partially covered; the top two-thirds are covered by the pectorals, while the bottom third is covered by the breast tissue. The fascia and chest muscle secure the breast, preventing it from dropping or forming wrinkles. The implant isn’t likely to palpate with this technique.

This technique blends the benefits of both the subglandular and submuscular techniques. Since the surgeon can release the overlying breast tissue to the chest muscle in varying degrees, he can customise the look of the breast to suit the patient, making the result look natural.

Breast enhancemen incisions

breast enhancement incisions singapore

There are four acceptable options for incisions during breast enhancement: trans-axillary (armpit), trans-umbilical (belly button), peri-areolar (around the areola) and inframammary (underneath the breast).


This involves a small incision on the armpit, where the breast implant will be placed using a specialized camera and instrument. This incision leaves a small scar on the armpit and none on the breast area.


Here, an incision on the belly button and the implant is brought up to the breast. It does not leave any scar on the breasts.

However, an incision through the armpit and belly button provides surgeons less control over the placement of the implant, increasing the risk of malposition. These two incisions also have a higher tendency to cause capsular contraction. Breast enhancement in Singapore practices either periareolar or inframammary fold incision for surgery.


This incision is made around the areola. It is recommended to patients with a sharp border and distinct color contrast on the areola, as it hides the scars post-surgery. At the same time, this incision provides a mild to a moderate breast lift. However, this might not be the best option for women who has a small areola or the implant needs a larger incision. It can also cause a change in nipple sensitivity and difficulty in breastfeeding.


Here, an incision is made in the crease underneath the breast, called the inframammary fold. It gives the surgeon the best access to the surgical site. It leaves a thin, 1 to 2-inch scar that can be hidden under the crease. This incision also has a lower risk of capsular contraction.

When choosing breast implants for your surgery, it is crucial to always consult with your doctor to find the right shape, size, profile, and placement that will produce your desired results. As breast enhancement in Singapore is becoming more popular, many implant brands are now available in the market. One brand that is making a name for its high satisfaction rate, from doctors and patients, is Motiva®.

Motiva® breast implant

Motiva Breast Implant® is the 6th generation implant, based on years of research and laboratory development to create its innovative features. It has been cleared for commercial distribution in over 60 countries worldwide, including Singapore.

Motiva® caters to patients who opt for round and anatomical breast implants for their surgery. The brand also offers Motiva Ergonomix™, 100% filled implants designed to give the natural look and movement of natural breasts, eliminating the complications associated with rotation and implant hardness. Through an elastic elastomer shell, called TrueTissue Technology™, and the special rheological properties of ProgressiveGel Ultima™, Motiva Ergonomix™ follows the movement of the breasts when standing or lying down.

All Motiva Breast Implant® are filled with a cohesive silicone gel, called ProgressiveGel Plus™, providing the highest projection that results to a younger and fuller look. It also has the TrueMonobloc® that creates a uniform shell with tensile strength. This shell configuration, along with the silicone gel, allows the implant to be stretched and be easily inserted through a small incision without compromising the surface of the implant, resulting in a smaller scar when healed.

Motiva® does not only make surgery easy for surgeons but it also lowers the risk of complications for the patient. It has a SmoothSilk™/SilkSurface™, the smooth outer surface, achieved through 3D nanotechnology imprinting, which minimizes the growth of bacteria around the implant. A 6-year prospective study showed less than 1% of implant complications, such as double capsule, late seroma, and BIA-ALCL, in patients that used Motiva Breast Implant®.

It also has the Q Inside Safety Technology™, which allows healthcare providers to distinguish implant information even outside the body. It is the first RFID microtransponder for use in humans cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

To know more about Motiva Breast Implant®, you can check it out on the K-Talyst Singapore website.

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