How Postpartum Recovery Garment can help your body heal after childbirth

After months of waiting, meeting your baby for the very first time will surely be one of the anticipated moments of your life. It also means you are now facing a new chapter of your life  and the adjustments of becoming a parent means a new set of physical and emotional changes. 

While you consider the health of your baby, it is also vital to understand the process of your postpartum recovery. Taking this into account can help you feel less worried and stressed about the changes taking place. At some point, you will feel baby blues (mood swings, anxiety, sadness) within a week or so, and the noticeable changes and effects in your body will take place like the change of your breast size, bloody discharge after vaginal birth, swollen and sore crotch, puffy belly, and painful incision. 

Having these said, it is essential to note that as your body undergoes a transformation during pregnancy, as well as after labor and delivery. However, you can prepare for bodily changes by using recovery products such as postpartum recovery garments.

What are Postpartum Recovery Garments?

As there are physical changes in your body, you might start to think of ways to get back to your usual routine, including the things to do to get back in shape. If you did a vaginal delivery, the average time of recovery is at least six weeks while if you did a cesarean operation, you need at least 12 weeks to recover from the abdominal surgery. 

Considering these, one of the things you might need to help recover is the postpartum recovery garments. These garments help improve circulation, reduce swelling through compression, and support the lower back. Not to mention the promotion of critical support to your abdominal muscles to help with comfortable healing.  Consequently, postpartum garments are designed to help moms care for their bodies and their new little ones. 

There are separate garments designed for a vaginal birth and cesarean birth. Vaginal birth postpartum garments prioritize reducing pain and discomfort while stabilizing the pelvis. It also supports the loose skin and strained muscle as well as reduces swelling and provides additional hips and lower back support. On the other hand, cesarean postpartum garments support the most vulnerable parts of your recovering bodies. It is to ensure that you can feel comfortable and at your best as you care for your newborn. 

What Is the Difference Between Shapewear and Postpartum Compression Garments

There are notable differences between shapewear and postpartum compression garments. Shapewear is commonly mistaken as an alternative for postpartum compression garments. 

Shapewear garments are usually designed only for compression and to alter the shape of a woman’s body. These garments are not suitable for your post-pregnancy recovery as postpartum garments are made to support the areas of the body that you need to care for. Also, postpartum compression garments contain supportive panels and breathable fabric that protects and heals the parts of your body, specifically the incision area if you underwent a cesarean operation. To sum it up,  postpartum garments are your option for quick and safe postpartum recovery. 

Looking for garments that will help shape and mold tissues would be one of your primary concerns. Considering garments that will help cover and protect cesarean incision is vital to help you heal and avoid the ability to scratch the incision area. This also aids to reduce the chances of micro-tears in the incision during the healing process. Not to mention your consideration in finding garments that would also help support your post-pregnancy concerns like back pain and abdominal pain. 

Design Veronique

With these factors, Design Veronique, known for being one of the finest compression wear, created their post-surgical garments with various designs providing flexibility with full coverage and consistent support for your post-pregnancy recovery.  It not only helps provide efficient healing but also reduces the risk of seromas, lymphedema, hematomas, and skin unevenness. They are made from PowerNet fabric, a lightweight four-way stretch fabric that is known for its strength and resiliency. Moms can make use of postpartum garments that are ideal for cesarean birth and even for a vaginal birth. 

Design Veronique Postpartum garments offers a wide array of benefits like seamless protection to cesarean incision, reduction of back pain, realignment of the spines after delivery, posture improvement, organ repositioning due to expansion of the uterus during pregnancy, and ligament stabilization for the stretched ligaments in women post-delivery.

Currently, Design Veronique is available in the South East Asia market and can be purchased here. 

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