Sometimes mothers don’t realize how bad the pain can get until they realize the pain. Well, maybe because mothers are born to be able to handle more pain than men. And one of the pain mothers usually get after a series of pain from pregnancy to giving birth is their posture after the delivery.

For some mothers, it was causing them headaches. Neck and back pain. And because of this, it causes them to feel weak and tired immediately. But luckily there are different ways like posture exercises to relieve the tension physically and can help regain more energy.

5 Exercises and Ways to Recover Posture After Birth

1. Doorway chest stretch

Doorway chest stretch is an easy exercise you can do at home. It helps open up the chest and bring the shoulders back to their normal position.

  • Stand in between the doorway and place both hands on each opposite side of the doorway at chest level.
  • Take a step forward and stretch your chest for 30-60 seconds.

2. Foam rolling

The foam roller is available at any sports store. It is also available at online stores that sell sports equipment. Exercising with a foam roller helps release tension and can help with your flexibility.

  • Upper and middle back exercise
    • Lie faceup with the foam roller at your upper back and feet flat on the floor.
    • Bend your legs with your knees facing up to support your back while slowly rolling from the top of your back to the middle.
    • If you feel any pain in a particular area on your back hold it for 30 seconds before moving on to the exercise.
  • Chest stretch
    • Sit on one end of the roller and lay down. Put your feet on the floor and your knees facing up. Make sure that your head is resting on the foam roller.
    • Place arms on the sides and allow the muscles on your chest to stretch.

3. Sitting up straight

It was always a non-stop argument between your mother or teachers whenever you disobey sitting up straight in class or at home. And you may have never understood why. Now that you’re an adult, and a mother who just gave birth, you will completely understand how important it is.

Sitting straight can benefit your body a lot. It lessens stress on the spine, joints, muscles, and ligaments. Especially to the neck and back. There are a lot more factors why you should consider sitting straight as a remedy to fixing your posture. It also includes:

  • Decrease of pain
  • Decrease on possible injuries
  • Decreases headache
  • Provides better health

4. Wear postpartum garment to help posture after birth

A postpartum garment, girdle, or corset are the different ways to describe abdominal binders. This is used for helping mothers reduce postpartum swelling.

  • Abdominal binders help with posture and lower back pain
    Wearing postpartum garments adds a lot of support to the lower back and pelvic floor muscles. It especially helps reduce the common pain most mothers complain of around the area of the lower back.
  • Helps confidence and self-esteem
    Sometimes the change in your body can cause you to look different on clothes you used to wear before pregnancy, clothes you usually look good in and feel good when worn. And mentally it is important to feel satisfied with your appearance. And this is why postpartum garments can help a lot. It helps to get back your tummy to its old form for you to feel confident again wearing the clothes that you want.
  • Exercise support
    Because some exercises or making extra movements are not safe for women who gave birth. Wearing a postpartum garment may become a good idea when doing a few exercises. It can be used as a waist trainer to support your abdominal area.

5. Shoulder packing

Shoulder packing is similar to doorway chest stretch but the only difference is you do not need to use the doorway for support. It is easy and can be done anywhere. You can work on it a few times a day to bring the shoulders back to normal.

  • Standing with feet hip-width apart and belly button pulled towards your spine, place your arms by your side and look straight ahead.  
  • Exhale and pull the shoulder blades down and back, squeezing them together.  Without letting your lower back arch or allowing your head to go forward.
  • Hold the shoulder blades together for 5 seconds.  Release and repeat.

Surely, carrying a child for 9-months is not easy. But the thing is, it doesn’t end there. That is why it is very important to know all the things that can help you feel comfortable even after giving birth. 

Encourage yourself to have some time to do the following exercises and invest in postpartum garments to support your body while performing the exercises. You can also encourage other friends that are mothers like you or anyone who can join you to make these exercises more fun.

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