Women going through the motherhood transformation process should receive optimum home care for her well-being and health and that of her baby. After all, the quality of care received during this crucial period will likely affect her decision of wanting to conceive again.

After a successful delivery, the postpartum period usually lasts six to eight weeks. During this period, a mother should receive proper care, nutrition and rest so as to rebuild her strength.

However, reality may be that it becomes too demanding being a mother of a newborn. The intensive time dedication towards your child and family may leave you mentally and physically drained while you ensure they get all the care they need. Surely your partner may extend a helping hand, and one may call this unconditional love, but who is going to take care of your body while you care for the rest?

A woman knows her body the best. During the postpartum period, problems such as back pains, poor posture and troubles with urination carried down from the pregnancy stage may remain and cause inconvenience to the new mother. And we are also not forgetting that belly bulge due to the removal of extra weight from the belly. These are problems that no one, not even your partner, can aid you in recovering.

If the extra pounds you’ve gained during pregnancy is making you feel dreadful in looking at yourself in the mirror, you are not alone. There are countless moms all over the world that feel the same and can empathize with you. It’s already emotionally and mentally draining enough during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum and yet we still have to face issue with our bodies.

But did you know that there are postpartum girdles out there in the market? These are support compression garments that aid in recovery of the body after delivery. Don’t just look for any girdle though, as they may be poorly constructed and give you more problems than you need. Design Veronique postpartum girdles are constructed with premium technology PowerNet Support System and they provide support for:


Postpartum abdominal support
As a fetus grows, the abdomen of the carrying mother is consistently expanding where time is needed to return the abdomen to its original size even after delivery. With this in mind, Design Veronique postpartum girdles are designed to assist in the return of the abdomen to its original place after delivery.

Stretched abdominal muscles
Back pains, incontinence and other possible health problems can arise from the expansion of tissue in the rectus abdominal muscles, also known as the abdominal muscles. Wearing Design Veronique girdles can assist in holding up the muscles while the body focuses on recovery.

Abdominal separation
Abdominal separation may occur due to a woman’s abdominal muscles being stretched during pregnancy or delivery caused by the separation of two parallel bands of muscles in the middle region of the abdomen. This condition, also known as Diastasis Recti or Diastasis Recti Abdominis, may develop hernia, a condition where the organs push through an opening in the muscle. Wearing Design Veronique Post-partum girdle can bring the right and left muscle of the abdomen together while the body recovers.

Back pain
The postpartum girdles can help to reduce back pain caused by the weight of the baby that has caused a strain on the lower back during pregnancy.

Spinal realignment
During pregnancy, the position of the baby either lends toward left or right and may affect the spine of the carrier. The alignment of the spinal cord may be misaligned as it tends to move towards the baby’s direction to allocate for space. Design Veronique Post-partum girdles aid in spinal realignment of the body.

Posture improvement
Design Veronique Post-partum girdle aids in correcting body posture of the wearer due to distortion during pregnancy by the weight of the growing baby.

Organ repositioning
A woman’s body undergoes major changes to make space for the baby during pregnancy. Her organs may experience significant pressure from the growing fetus and shift to make more rooms for the baby. Design Veronique Post-partum girdle will assist in helping the organ repositioning.

Ligament stabilization
Ligaments are stretched as the fetus grow and become tighter and thinner which can cause round ligament pain even after delivery. Design Veronique Post-partum girdle helps to stabilize stretched ligaments.

A woman that has undergone childbirth should consistently wear the postpartum girdle to regain her pre-pregnancy body. Combined with healthy eating and daily exercise, this is the best combination to lose weight post-delivery.

However, if you are breastfeeding, note that a sudden weight loss can reduce your milk production amount.  Breastfeeding women need an additional 500 calories daily, so don’t drastically cut calories. To be on the safe side, consult your doctor before any dietary changes or exercise. Exercising too hard in the first few weeks after giving birth may trigger heavier vaginal bleeding where is an indication that you are doing it too intensely.

Doing pelvic floor exercises is a good way to start to ease your body back into shape after an uncomplicated vaginal delivery. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles will help heal you quickly and tone the muscles in your vagina and perineum. Note that doing sit-ups and crunches may not be a good idea in the first few weeks, though.

In addition, doing daily walks (30 minutes or more) while pushing your baby in the stroller is another great and gentle workout while allowing you to spend time with your precious baby.

With a healthy diet and regular exercise, a woman should be able to considerably trim her waistline. However, if the tummy still looks pregnant after many months, you may have a condition known as abdominal separation or diastasis recti. Two out of three moms reportedly suffer from this post-baby condition, where it is caused by the abdominal tissues being severely stretched out during pregnancy and have lost their elasticity.

To remedy this, you may want to wear a postpartum compression garment in addition to the pelvic floor and abdominal workout. As mentioned previously, these garments help speed up recovery after delivery, strengthen your core muscles, and reduce the complications caused by abdominal muscle separation.

Some excellent examples of a compression garment ideal for postpartum body shaping and providing abdominal support and stabilization are the Mid Body Support with Adjustable Corset (#MG181CS) and Mid Body Support Brief (#MG160) made from lightweight PowerNet fabric in the Design Veronique line.

Now, go ahead and take good care of your body’s recovery!