What you need to know about fat grafting in singapore


Fat grafting in Singapore is one of the cosmetic procedures that is rapidly growing in popularity in the country. This is primarily due to the dynamic nature of the procedure, making it possible for patients to target multiple areas of their body all in one go. Fat grafting is basically the process of taking fat from a specific part of the body where there is excess and transferring it to a part where you would like more volume. Though it sounds simple enough, there are some intricacies about the procedure that is good to know about before you undergo the operation. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about fat grafting in Singapore. 

What is Fat Grafting in Singapore

Fat grafting is the process of taking fat from one part of the body where there is excess fat, and moving it to another part where the patient would like more volume. The part where the fat is taken is called the donor site. Areas of the body that are normally used as donor sites are the thighs and the belly. The process of extracting the fat is done through liposuction.

After extracting the fat from the donor area, it is then processed in order to purify the fat, removing any unwanted fluids, tissues, or dead cells. After processing the fat, it can then be injected in specific areas to increase volume. These areas include:

Face – To lessen wrinkles, smoothen the skin and to achieve a much more youthful look.

Buttocks – To increase the size and volume.

Hands – To smoothen the hands and lessen wrinkles.

Breasts – To increase the size and volume, as an alternative or to accompany breast augmentation with breast implants.

The entire process of fat grafting lasts about 1 to 4 hours depending on the number of areas that will be performed. However, if you do wish to undergo fat grafting in Singapore, you must first check if you qualify for the procedure.

Qualification for Fat Grafting in Singapore

In order to undergo fat grafting in Singapore, you must first meet the following qualifications:

  • The patient must have enough fat in the donor area to extract for fat grafting.
  • The patient must have overall good health, and does not have any health conditions that may affect the healing process.
  • The patient cannot smoke for several weeks before the operation, or upon recommendation by the doctor.
  • The patient must not be pregnant or nursing at the time.

Aside from the obvious advantages of getting two procedures done in one go, there are also several other advantages why people opt for fat grafting to tone their bodies. 

Advantages of Fat Grafting

2 procedures in 1 – As mentioned before, you basically get 2 operations in 1. You get to have liposuction, removing excess fat from the donor area, and you get to tone another part of the body that could use a bit more volume.  

Better control over volume – The doctor has better control over how much fat will be taken, and how much will be placed in the specific areas, thus giving the patient better control over their desired results.

 Naturally Ages – As our body fat percentage naturally increases and decreases, the areas treated with fat grafting will naturally and proportionately change in size as well.

Lower risk of allergies – Naturally, because you are using your own fat, there is a lower risk of developing allergies.

No scarring – The process of fat grafting leaves no scars, as there is no incision involved, and the fat is extracted through needles.

Though fat grafting in Singapore has a lot of benefits, the technology used for the process is crucial for a safe and more efficient procedure. This is where Puregraft comes into play. 

Puregraft for Fat Grafting in Singapore


Puregraft is a purifying device used in the process of fat grafting, in order to purify the extracted fat. Puregraft has undergone 10 years of tests and trials, refining the technology to make it more efficient, safe, and give the best possible results. This device is able to filter the collected fat by up to 97%, removing contaminants such as lipids, blood, and other fluids. Puregraft lowers the risk of complications and allows for the maximum amount of fat to be collected.

Because the device is so efficient, it lowers the average running time of the operation from 45 minutes, to only 10 to 15 minutes. Less staff is also needed as Puregraft simplifies the operation into a 4 step process; add lipoaspirate, wash with lactated ringers, drain free lipids and other contaminants, and remove graft for volumizing and contouring; quick and simple. 

If you are planning to undergo fat grafting in Singapore, look for a certified surgeon that uses Puregraft for a safe and efficient procedure with excellent results.

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