Benefits of Breast Augmentation in Singapore

In recent years, medical tourism has become a popular option for those who want to pursue plastic surgery. Asian countries such as Singapore, in particular, are hotspots for medical tourists, because of their quality services at competitive prices. Simultaneously, many women now desire undergoing breast surgery to improve their silhouette. As a result, breast augmentation in Singapore has also surged in popularity.

If you are interested in having work done overseas, there are several factors you need to think about. Here are some of the reasons why Singapore could be one of the better choices for your breast augmentation procedure.

Cost for Breast Augmentation in Singapore

The cost of breast augmentation in Singapore depends on your specific needs before, during, and after surgery. With that said, surgery would normally cost you from SGD 10,000 to  SGD 15,000. This price covers the following medical fees:

  • Surgeon’s Fee
  • Breast Implant Cost
  • Anaesthesiologist’s Fee
  • Surgical Equipment and Consumables Charges
  • Operating Room and Ward Charges
  • Medications
  • Breast Band
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST), or known as VAT in other countries

Again, prices may vary depending on the surgeon and clinic. Many hospitals and clinics that offer breast augmentation in Singapore cater to medical tourists. They offer packages and services that suit the needs of foreign patients. If it fits your budget, you may want to avail concierge services such as hotels, around-the-clock culinary services, as well as spa amenities.

Surgeons for Breast Augmentation in Singapore

Singapore has a vast number of experienced and credible plastic surgeons that perform breast augmentation. When choosing a surgeon for your surgery, you may check on their educational background. Aside from a medical degree, choose someone who specializes in plastic surgery and has years of experience in reconstructive surgery. 

These surgeons are accredited specialists in plastic surgery by Singapore’s ministry of health. They also underwent 6 years of specialized training, 2-3 years of general surgery and 4 years of dedicated plastic surgery residency training. Furthermore, they have passed comprehensive written and oral exams. When choosing a surgeon for your breast augmentation in Singapore, you have a wide selection to choose from.

Clinics for Breast Augmentation in Singapore

Due to the popularity of medical tourism and breast augmentation in Singapore, many clinics are offering these services. These medical facilities use the state-of-the-art techniques and equipment for the surgery. 

Implants for Breast Augmentation in Singapore

The last, but one of the most crucial, things you need to think about is the right implants. Of course, you need to find a brand that gives you the right balance of aesthetic satisfaction and medical safety. One brand popular for breast augmentation in Singapore is Motiva® Implants.

With over 500 choices, of varying sizes and projection, Motiva® makes it easier to achieve natural and safe results. The popular choice for using Motiva® Implants is Motiva® Ergonomix™.

Motiva® implants have a silicone-based elastomer shell. Motiva® Round Implants are filled with a patented silicone gel called ProgressiveGel Plus™. The well-balanced elasticity and firmness of this silicone gel allow the breasts to look fuller, younger, and more active. On the other hand, Motiva® Ergonomix™ is filled with ProgressiveGel Ultima™. It’s an elastic silicone gel designed to give the implant a more anatomical shape and mimic the movement of natural breasts. This implant looks round when lying down and moves to the shape of natural breasts when standing up.

Motiva® Implants have a SmoothSilk™/SilkSurface™, achieved through 3D nanotechnology imprinting. The smooth outer surface minimizes the growth and attachment of bacteria and reduces the risk of capsular contracture and late seroma. It also has a TrueMonobloc® shell configuration that allows the implant  to stretch without rupture. The combination of these two features allows easy insertion through a smaller incision (2.5cm to 3cm) due to its superior durability. This causes less pain, bleeding, and scars during recovery.

Furthermore, Motiva® Breast Implants have a BluSeal® indicator that indicates the presence of a protective layer. It allows the surgeon to detect potential implant defects such as gel bleed and ruptures before implantation. Finally, it has the Q Inside Safety Technology™, the first RFID micro transponder cleared by the FDA for use in humans. You will be able to retrieve all the implant information, even outside the body, by scanning the breasts using a QID reader.

Motiva® also promotes safety through its innovation. A 6-year prospective study shows less than 1% of cases of implant complications, such as capsular contracture and late seroma, among surgeries using Motiva® Implants. It also has zero reported cases of BIA-ALCL (Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma).

Motiva® is cleared for commercial distribution in over 60 countries including Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, and more. To know more about Motiva® Breast Implant, you can visit their website.

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